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Dark Delirium is a metal band with a unique sound that is a mix between melodic death-metal and metal-core. Formed in 2020, they quickly made a name for themselves with the release of three critically acclaimed albums. Their explosive live shows have gained a loyal fan base, with the band having toured around Norway and now ready to take on Europe. Dark Delirium is a band that truly never sleeps and continues to give their fans an unforgettable experience.

Dark Delirium is a metal band that stands out from the crowd. Their sound is both epic and heavy, yet beautiful and sinister, taking inspiration from multiple genres and combining them into a neck-breaking affair. Dark Delirium are know in the metal community for their passion and drive to create unique and captivating sounds that stand the test of time.

A band that works hard to create a professional cooperative setting for fans, venue, engineers and anyone else involved in the production to make sure that the best of best outcome can be achieved!

Stavanger, Norway
Melodic Death Metal // Metal-Core
Dark Delirium.jpeg

The team

Band contact & manager:
Simeon Ekse
English, Norwegian
Red Lion Music
Booking contact:
Anett Lenk
Independent, N/A
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