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Dark Delirium, the metal band from the grim and stormy westcoast of Norway, is now ready to release their third studio album the 25th of November.


Dark Delirium started in 2020 as a project during the Covid pandemic by the brothers Simeon Ekse and David Ekse, and their cousin Halvar Moen. The band released two albums, Fallen and Sulphur, in 2021 as a trio, before starting a tour around Norway with Daníel Þorsteinsson on bass and Daniel Bryne on drums, performing intense and heavy shows around the country. Halfway through the tour the band unfortunately had to cancel the rest of the concerts due to Davids mental health. He decided with full support from the band to leave for his own health. Without a vocalist the band had to make drastic changes, so Simeon took over as a vocalist with a great success.


The band has been recognized as "One of Norways most active and fastest growing metal bands", as well as "A band [they] expect to see headlining bigger events in the near future". The band is known for its interesting story telling and representation of mental illnesses in their music, mixed with melodic and heavy riffs, made to make people mosh and headbang. Dark Delirium is to be expected to play in most parts of the country in 2023, aswell as few European countries that are to be announced.


The band will be releasing their third album, "New Era", the 25th of November aswell as preparing for 2023, to play live and release more music after a short unexpected hiatus.

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